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The Arts of the Prima Donna in the Long Nineteenth Century

First published: 2012 Found: via my masters’ thesis research reading Pages/read time: 368, one frenzied reading afternoon Comments:   ‘This consciousness and earnest will-power to move one’s public by the … Continue reading

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Abidjan USA

First published: 2016 Found: Part of course readings Pages/read time: 350, two days Comments: This is definitely not a book I would have read unless I’d had to. Admittedly, I have little … Continue reading

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Katherine Mansfield: The Complete Stories

First published: 1974 Found: Looking for more Virginia Woolf and found Mansfield instead Pages/read time: 830, two months on and off during exam time  Comments:   To and fro, in … Continue reading

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FILM: Russian Ark

Title/year: Russian Ark (2002) Director: Aleksandr Sokurov Found: While re-shelving the DVDs at work Run Time: 96 mins Comments: I have been saving this movie for myself for several months … Continue reading

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Year of publication: 1969 Found: On a book club reading list Pages/Read time: 304, three days The Black female is assaulted in her tender years by all those common forces of … Continue reading

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The Iliad

Year of publication: This translation by Samuel Butler first published 1898. Found: In the sales bin at the uni co-op Pages/Read time: 415, three weeks-ish Comments: The Iliad – written by … Continue reading

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Monkey Grip

Year of publication: 1977 Found: Upon the recommendation of the friend mentioned in this letter Pages/Read time: 245, a week Comments:   Helen Garner’s Monkey Grip tracks the slow progression … Continue reading

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POETRY: Ariel (The Restored Edition)

Year of publication: 2004 (poems written 1961-62) Found: Second hand at the uni co-op Pages/Read time: 211, two weeks of lunch-break reading at work I have your head on my … Continue reading

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The Feel of Steel

Year of publication: 2001 Found: In the mail Pages/read time: 223, two days Comments:   I read this book so quickly that I didn’t even mark any pages to look back on … Continue reading

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Congo: The Epic History of a People

Year of publication: 2010 Found: Under the Christmas tree Pages/read time: 639, three weeks Comments: As a white woman born, bred and living in Australia, the history of African nations, let alone … Continue reading

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