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FILM: Aimée & Jaguar

After neo-nazis smeared her front door with excrament, Lily Wurst fought back with the truth she felt she owed to the love of her life. Wurst revealed that the women she protected during WII weren’t just Jewish, they were also queer. And so was she. And so was her lover, Felice Schragenheim.

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FILM: The Music of Strangers

Title/year: The Music of Strangers (2012) Director: Morgan Neville Found: on the inflight entertainment programming of United Airlines Run Time: 96 mins Comments:   The Music of Strangers  charts the … Continue reading

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FILM: Russian Ark

Title/year: Russian Ark (2002) Director: Aleksandr Sokurov Found: While re-shelving the DVDs at work Run Time: 96 mins Comments: I have been saving this movie for myself for several months … Continue reading

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