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What Bird Is That? A Guide to the Birds of Australia

It’s funny to think this book was printed in the year of the great Emu War of 1932 (no, really).

November 1, 2017 · 1 Comment

Talking To My Country

Grant is an approachable, fluent and engaging writer and, as such, this is not only a book every Australian should read, but crucially, and accessible text that most Australians can read.

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My Brilliant Career

‘The less a person thinks and inquires regarding the why and the wherefore and the justice of things, when dragging along through life, the happier it is for him, and doubly, trebly so, for her.’

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Monkey Grip

Year of publication: 1977 Found: Upon the recommendation of the friend mentioned in this letter Pages/Read time: 245, a week Comments:   Helen Garner’s Monkey Grip tracks the slow progression … Continue reading

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The Feel of Steel

Year of publication: 2001 Found: In the mail Pages/read time: 223, two days Comments:   I read this book so quickly that I didn’t even mark any pages to look back on … Continue reading

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After Love

Jaireth has the unique skill of being able to capture the blissful melancholy that nineteenth century Russian authors provoke while writing twenty-first century India, Australia and Italy.

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Everywhere I Look

Year of publication: 2016 Found: See below Pages/Read time: 240, two days Comments: Over two busy days last a few weeks I read Everywhere I Look. I could not believe … Continue reading

September 1, 2016 · 3 Comments

The Getting of Wisdom

Year of publication: 1910 Found: Bookstore on uni campus Pages/read time: 233, on bedside table for ten days Comments: Laura Tweedle Rambotham is a precocious twelve year old with a head full of stories … Continue reading

October 8, 2015 · Leave a comment

Picnic at Hanging Rock

A surprising number of human beings are without purpose, though it is probable that they are performing some function unknown to themselves.

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