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Author/Year: Benn Schott, 2013
The Footpath Library
Read time: 
A coffee break


German is a language which to second-language speakers offers a delightful sense of brillenbrillanz1 throughout the learning process. Though fun, it can also often lead to moments of witzbeharrsamkeit2 in class etc. Such an embarrassing incident could lead to a need to satisfy your saukopfsülzensehnsucht3 for comfort.  Nay fear, your irreaffentittenturbosuperdupertyp4 will probably still love you, and possibly even join you in the feasting.

This well researched, intellectual nibble of a book is likely to induce just such instances.

Zeuxigelächter5 guaranteed.

  1. The sudden, innervating clarity afforded by new glasses
  2. Lit. joke-insistence: unashamedly repeating a bon mot until it is properly heard by everyone present
  3. Lit. pig’s-head-aspic-desire: A shameful love of bad food
  4. Simpatico
  5. Laughter so prolonged and intense is causes physical pain

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