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The Bitterbynde Trilogy


I desperately want this trilogy to be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster. But then I don’t. Cecilia Dart-Thornton’s tale of high fantasy has so many turns, so much detail – so many feels! – that I just don’t think three movies could cut it.

The Bitterbynde Trilogy is comprised of three, solid volumes. The first The Ill Made Mute starts the adventure in a land where horses fly and ships sail the clouds. The second The Lady of Sorrows takes us through courts and kingdoms filled with more fantastical creatures than the world of Narnia, less wordy passages than The Lord of the Rings and much more believable characters than Magician. Finally, book three The Battle of Evernight rounds everything off with a few felling plot points that we should have seen coming from book one, but missed and a truly awesome fight scene.

I can’t really give you much in the way of plot, nor even describe the main character. Even giving you their name or physical description would be a spoiler. Dart-Thornton’s ‘wights’ (creatures of otherworldly nature) are based on creatures found during her extensive research into Celtic mythology, folklore and language. To make things better, Dart-Thornton is an Australian author and based a lot of the descriptions of landscape on Victorian and Tasmanian locations.

If you need more incentive: there are see voyages, demon horses, pirates, witches, a talking swan, miracle healings and some adorable woodland spirits (and some seriously creepy swamp monsters, bad guys and sparkle storms).

An enthusiast like myself, with a spare Christmas holiday period, can get through this trilogy in a few days. On first read however, I recommend a good fortnight. Savour the magnificence.

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