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Letters from Isobel Hen House CEO

In Berimma, News South Wales there is a free range egg farm with 3000 hens, 5 maremma dogs, a magpie named Chookie and two humans named Grandma and Pop who purport to be in charge. Really, everybody knows that it’s Isobel the australorp, Hen House CEO who runs the show. She even has her own Facebook page.

Isobel covers general farm news (from vegetable patch raids, the training of the new maremma puppy, the antics of rescued house-bird Chookie, the horrid colour of the new cartons) and greater issues such as GM foods, human teenager management and tthe absurdity of the world’s weight-loss obsession. These 70 odd letters are accompanied by the beautiful illustrations of Regina Brewster.

Letters from Isobel Hen House CEO started as a short, fortnightly newsletter tucked into the cartons of city-bound eggs. Isobel (with the help of human typist Anne Stuckey) quickly became a very popular author amongst the Berimma Ridge Free Range Egg customers and saw an eggcellent marketing opportunity in the form of this book. Sadly, the entrepreneurial egg-layer passed away shortly after her book’s release in 2011, but her daughter Isobella has continued the fortnightly news it her mother’s claw-prints.

A delightful little book, especially for any country-bumpkins at heart.

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