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The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Like the title? Love the book.

Neil Gaiman has managed to create a fairy tale for the lost children most commonly known as adults. Set in the quaintest and quietest of English countrysides (presumably in the same year of publication, 2013), this coming-of-wishing-to-be-a-child-again novel is particularly sentimental – and utterly compelling.

An unnamed man returns to his childhood home and finds himself at the edge of a dingy duck pond behind the neighbour’s house. Suddenly, he’s a child again being chased by a cruel nanny who really might be a demon from another dimension.

The only people who can save him are the Hempstocks. The duck-pond-owning neighbours who claim to remember when the sun came on. The littlest Hempstock can carry her whole duck pond in a bucket and claims that it’s an ocean.

My only criticism – The Ocean at the Bottom of the Lane is too short. But then, so is childhood.

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