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Words Will Break Cement

Pussy Riot

Words Will Break Cement is the biography of three Russian women who sought (and still seek) to comment on the current governance and its restrictive system. In contemporary Western society their performance of Punk songs with a pro-feminist/LGBT/anti-Putin bent in places of political significance would perhaps have landed them with a fine and a stern talking to. Masha Gessen reveals that in contemporary Russia, calling your band ‘Pussy Riot‘ and singing in a big church will probably land you in a Russian penal colony.

Gessen has constructed, through primary document research and personal interviews, a focused yet engaging perspective on Pussy Riot and it’s three convicted members; Kat, Maria and Nadya. Gessen is blunt and decisive. Her arguments are strong yet sensitive to the views and beliefs of others concerning the Pussy Riot trial and general ongoing saga.

A compelling read for those keen on social justice with insights and anecdotes that really no other author could have gained.

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