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Lady Chatterley’s Lover

For a long time I avoided this book. Would my darling D.H. just not live up to the hype? Was it all awkward, between-the-wars sex and no gumption? Would I baulk at the sure-to-be sexist descriptions of the female anatomy? In short, I should have had more faith in Lawrence; he is one of my favourite authors after all.

Yes, Lady Chatterly’s Lover is about sex. Yes, it is still one of the most infamous publications of the 20th century. But unlike today’s production-line, Fabian-faced romance novels, this isn’t sex for porn’s sake. Lady Chatterly and her grounds-keeper lover are human. So beautifully, tragically human. Lord Chatterly’s sexual deficiency, Lady Chatterly’s buttocks and her lover’s thighs (to pick a few of the most memorable subjects of many) are all explored and mulled over in myriad ways. From the very basest of carnal descriptions to the most truly insightful portrayal of a couples’ most intimate physical connection.

Do not fear this book. If you’re worried, buy a discreet Penguin edition.

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