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Go Tell It On The Mountain

tw family violence, suicide First published: 1953 Found: I wanted to read at least one Baldwin work before seeing I Am Not Your Negro (2016)* Pages/read time: 221. three days … Continue reading

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Rare and Commonplace Flowers

First published: 1995 (in English, 2001) Found: I watched the movie first. Sorry. Pages/read time: 218, two weeks’ bedtime reading Comments: Ah, how sad a life is mine Little grandma, little grandma! … Continue reading

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First published: 2010 Found: bargain bin at the local Readings Pages/read time: 432, the entire rehearsal time for A Midsummer Night’s Dream Comments:   Of the 86,000 individuals who began the Chinese … Continue reading

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Talking To My Country

First published: 2016 Found: recommendation of a library colleague Pages/read time: 240, a week Comments: This is the highly personal account of life as a person of Aboriginal heritage and the state … Continue reading

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Secret London – An Unusual Guide

First published: 2010 Found: while re-shelving returned items at work Pages/read time: 352, an evening of perusing (it’s mostly pictures and helpful info-graphics) Comments: Rachel Howard is my guide of travel writer. Not only does … Continue reading

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My Brilliant Career

First published: 1901 Found: Among my mother’s old school books Pages/read time: 319, four days Comments: I am afflicted with the power of thought, which is a heavy curse. The … Continue reading

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FILM: The Music of Strangers

Title/year: The Music of Strangers (2012) Director: Morgan Neville Found: on the inflight entertainment programming of United Airlines Run Time: 96 mins Comments:   The Music of Strangers  charts the … Continue reading

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The Arts of the Prima Donna in the Long Nineteenth Century

First published: 2012 Found: via my masters’ thesis research reading Pages/read time: 368, one frenzied reading afternoon Comments:   ‘This consciousness and earnest will-power to move one’s public by the … Continue reading

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Abidjan USA

First published: 2016 Found: Part of course readings Pages/read time: 350, two days Comments: This is definitely not a book I would have read unless I’d had to. Admittedly, I have little … Continue reading

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Katherine Mansfield: The Complete Stories

First published: 1974 Found: Looking for more Virginia Woolf and found Mansfield instead Pages/read time: 830, two months on and off during exam time  Comments:   To and fro, in … Continue reading

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